Specializing in curiosity

I am a connector and translator between all elements of a project. I am proficient in the creative process (researching, conceptualizing, planning, producing and presenting). I have initiated and maintained socially-engaged works including participatory performances, community events, artistic installations, group conversations, workshops, and a non-profit organization.


I recently co-founded and ran a grass-roots public coffeehouse and community center in Maastricht, The Netherlands: Stichting The Treehouse. I led logistics and community engagement in building renovations, co-managed the project's core team, as well as facilitated events within the finished space. Here I explored self-organizing governance systems and creating more meaningful and emotionally supportive relationships and methods of working together.

In general, my conceptual work is interaction-based and blends the social and environmental. Hosting myself and others for palpable contact with the nature of life is the underlayment to all of my projects. I care to empower humans with insights and tools for the exploration of themselves and other people, and to make contact with life in all of its elemental forms including plant, human, mineral, animal etc.


In June 2020 I graduated in Interdisciplinary Arts from Zuyd University of Applied Sciences Maastricht and currently live in Amsterdam, the Netherlands.


Sources of inspiration: Enspiral Foundation, Better Work Together, Amanitas Collective, Sociocracy 3.0, Microsolidarity Proposal by Richard D. Bartlett, Artificial Hells by Claire Bishop, Team Human by Douglas Rushkoff