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Nature is brimming with questions that call forward our curiosity. Asking questions and listening for answers while being in nature cultivates a wholistic relationship between the various parts of ourselves. Like a good friend, when we show up with presence to our relationship with nature, she shows up with an abundance of gifts and guidance for us. If we are seeking to transform, we are seeking to stretch beyond the edge of our awareness. Participating in nature's harmonious diversity and richness through ceremony, play, work, rest, and reflection brings us to realize our essential place within the ecosystem of life, thus deepening our personal relationships both within and outside of ourselves.

I am a connector and translator between all elements of a project. I am proficient in the creative process (researching, conceptualizing, planning, producing and presenting). I have initiated and maintained socially-engaged works including participatory performances, community events, artistic installations, group conversations, workshops, and a non-profit organization.

Currently stewarding the land at Traditional Dream Factory in Portugal.

Reach out and let's connect!

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