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​I'm a deep nature connection mentor for children, adults and families. In 2022 & 2023, I took an immersive apprenticeship and instructed at Twin Eagles Wilderness School (Idaho, USA). There, I mentored youth and families in deepening their bonds to each other and nature through naturalist skills including fire making, shelter building, primitive cooking, wild foraging, awareness, animal tracking, storytelling and much more. I also had the honor to assist in a full gamut of programs including the guidance of earth-based modern rites of passage for boys, Father-Son wilderness, and day-long and overnight wilderness programs for kids and teens. 


I'm currently based in Portugal, working daily with youth at Into The Wild. I'm often visit friends family and work and train often in Massachusetts and USA. See and read more from me at

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Recently, I completed a cycle as the primary Land Steward for an ecosystem regeneration project, the Traditional Dream Factory, in Alentejo, Portugal. There, I oversaw the reforestation, and tended the vegetable gardens and food forest.


I aim to create conditions for modern people to experience deep and direct personal relationships with the natural world and to thrive by surviving within the nature of constant change. 

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